This contains my conferences after mai 2007.

By clicking on the title of the talk, you can download the slides.

PML a new proof assistant and deduction system. (avec René David)
Invited talk at PLMMS Worshop (june 2007, Hadenberg, Austria) (joined with Calculemus and MKM). This talk was previously given at TYPES (mai 2007, Udine, Italy) with shorter slides.
Some considerations about proof assistant in education
Talk at the PATE workshop (june 2007, Paris, France) (joined with RTA and RDP). This talk included two small demos, and you can find the Phox files here. The relevant file in this tar archive are image_inverse_et_directe.phx for teaching math and mlrev_cor.phx or mlrev_quest.phx for teaching compter science.
Peux-t-on avoir confiance en l'informatique
Conférence grand public a Chambéry, Annecy et Thonon les Bains en mai 2007.

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