1. Simple httpd: a library to build web site and servers (2023-today), documentation.
  2. GLES 3 bindings for OCaml (2016-today), documentation.
  3. Parsers for OCaml (2016-today), documentation.
  4. PML: proved programming in a ML like language avec Rodolphe Lepigre (2010-today)
  5. The PhoX proof assistant, version 0.8 (2005)
  6. Bindlib, a package for abstract syntax with binder with Rodolphe Lepigre (2006-today), documentation.
  7. GlSurf, version 2.1 (2003)
  8. Callbacks-0.1: a camlp4 extension to generate C wrappers for OCaml functions (2005)
  9. A small OCaml library to change the rounding for floatting point arithmetic (2003)
  10. A library for formal and numerical calculus in OCaml (2000)
  11. A normalizer for pure and typed lambda-calculus (1995)
  12. Logic Algorithms (1995)

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